🌞🌻 The uplifting circle is a safe space where to take a break from daily routine and, together, reconnecting to our spiritual side 🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️ Not least the fact that we spend some good times in good company and share, not only on spiritual subjects but also good laughs 😇

We meet on Wednesday at

  • 19:00 Meet up and introduction at the Fort Thüngen (behind Mudam)
  • 19:15 After Work detox and Circle Sharing in the park (here )
  • 19:30 Guided Meditation
    (1.Harmonise 2.Re-energize 3.Expand)
  • 20:00 Get together, pic-nic, free sharing and music jam session



⭐After the meditation we stop to have a picnic, so you can bring your own food and drink 
⭐Bring something to sit on the grass
⭐Feel free to bring your musical instruments for the afterwards get together
⭐SUPPORT SPIRITUAL NETWORK: I rely entirely on voluntary donations to carry out all the initiatives. There’s no charge for this meditation but donations are sincerely appreciated   You can do it by cash at the event and if you don’t know how much to donate, give whatever you can, whether it’s €10 or €5000, it’s the love that you put in giving that is more important!
⭐Please know that the event is also shared via Meetup groups, Newsletter and group chat.