"I warn you, whoever you are,
Oh! You who want to probe the arcana of nature,
that if you do not find within yourself that which you are looking for,
you shall not find it outside either!
If you ignore the excellences of your own house,
how do you pretend to find other excellencies?
Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures!
Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods."

The doors of spirituality open when you understand that everything you need is already within you.
You have the power over your life, “You are GODS” is written in the Bible (Psalm 82:6).
In the moment you stop searching for happiness externally and you start looking within yourself, you will find an infinite Universe of Joy and abundance.
But this is not as simple as that, it requires big efforts! You need to clean up all the limiting beliefs you have been collecting throughout your whole life.
Since your childhood your soul has been polluted by external conditioning (parents, family, teachers, friends, society, television, internet, etc.) and slowly you have forgotten who you truly are and why you came here on this Earth. Growing up, you conform to society so deeply that you forget to live YOUR life

If you are reading this now, it is not by chance, it means that you are ready to start a new journey, YOUR journey.
In this journey the ship is your physical body, the sail is your willpower, the sailor your heart and the captain your mind.
You can live a good life if you can manage your body, mind and heart but you will not go so far from the harbour, and your ship wasn’t built to stay there.

If you want to sail away, you must raise the anchor (get free from all limiting conditioning), hoist the sails and follow the wind (which corresponds to your soul).
To live at the best you should follow your soul’s mission and hold the link with the divine within you (your Spirit, the Sun who generates the wind in our example).

During this journey you will live many adventures and face all sort of challenges.
I can share with you the secrets of the initiatic science and the ancient psychology to be ready for the big waves that the ocean of life can present to you. You will understand that the challenges you encounter are synchronous opportunities for expansion and transformation.
This enables you to progress in miraculous ways by drawing on inner resources you didn’t yet realize you have.

Do you want to discover your true purpose of life?
Do you want to align with your soul's path?
Are you looking for the Truth?

To get started, it is important to determine if you are ready for this spiritual journey by scheduling an exploratory call
I will only invite you if I am confident that it is right for you.
Our meeting will be face to face (30/60 min. ) to really explore what you want to achieve.


First of all, it costs your commitment to be serious about working to get results.
Prices might vary according to your needs, starting from 149€ for a single session (1 – 1,5 hour).
I also offer packages of 3 sessions at €390 or 6 sessions at €750.
If you have any economical limitations, just let me know and we will find a good solution. 

Please know that for the past years I have been giving this service for free but, unfortunately, in this incredibly materialistic society, if something doesn’t have a price, it risks to be undervalued. That it is why I have decided to start charging for this service.

My main purpose is helping people improving the quality of their lives. Once they start feeling good with themselves, they will be able to love others, lead by example and positively influencing the persons around them. This could trigger a cascade effect that can positively impact the entire Society. If society improves, also the quality of my life gets better, and the idea of contributing to such a process is a great reward. 


This depends on what you want to achieve, it is a very personal decision based on your individual goals. You should expect value out of every session, but if you are serious about making changes, I estimate it will take maximum 2 months (about 6 sessions).


The first meeting can take place online or at my studio in Strassen (4km from Luxembourg center), or in any place where you can totally focus on the conversation. I consider it important that we can “see” each other; much is said by our body in the para and in the non-verbal communication and it is important to take awareness of our actions and attitudes as we speak, we tell, we relate to others. Follow up sessions can be on the telephone, Zoom, face to face or a mixture to suit you. I also encourage some “walk and talk” in the nature.