Based on more than 10 years of research and experience (and proven results) with hundreds of people in 4 countries, I’ve designed a fully immersive experience to guide you step by step, for 3 months, through all areas of your life (physical, emotional, relational, professional and spiritual) that help you to:

How to do that?

You must first understand that the person You are Now is the result of your past actions, emotions, thoughts and that, the memories you have gathered through the years are going to determine your future. 

If you keep living the way you always did, you will get the same results and if you want things to change, YOU MUST change.

How to change?

It requires a deep inner work that only you can do.
I can provide you with the knowledge, the practical tools and an empowering environment that will support you to replace the bad patterns with new empowering ones! 

I have successfully tested this firsthand and with hundreds of other people: now I want to share it with you through Inner Evolution Academy.

What will you learn, experience and practice?

Drastically increase your energy levels by changing the way you breath, eat and move 

Train and reinforce your will power

Meditation as way to the deepest Joy

Boost your motivation and your Self Confidence

Emotional intelligence

How to get rid of limiting beliefs and unleash the power within

NLP and Persuasive Communication

Public speaking and the secret of charisma

Heal from family trauma

► Remove self-defeating subconscious patterns 

How to find/have fulfilling love relationships

Creativity, Sexual Energy and Kundalini

The spiritual Laws and Methods that lead to Enlightenment

Find your life purpose

For each subject you will:

⭐ Learn the psychological and scientific point of view
⭐ Practice in-class coaching exercises and group activities
⭐ Get practical tools to apply in your daily life
⭐ Discover the Spiritual perspective
⭐ Be deeply inspired by Special Meditations

When and where? 


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