Why Spiritual Network?

In this incredibly fast society, the time to reconnect to our “true” self and to think about existential matters is almost disappearing and, the chance to meet other people with whom discussing about such deep topics has almost become impossible.

Spiritual Network events are born indeed to create an oasis where to find relief from the arid superficiality of society, a community of people who have high ideals and deep values, a network where growing together.

Aim of this project is to inspire harmony that from within will spread all around!

Happiness is contagious

Happiness cannot be alone. It shines from the eyes, oozes into the hands, it vibrates in the body and eventually runs away like a virus and it is transmitted to whoever is next. And there is a group of scientists who have tried to draw a map of “contagion”, demanding to 5000 people, for over 20 years in a row, how they were feeling happy.
By dint of combining coloured dots (people, each with his score of good humor) it formed on the table of the American researchers, a design that looks like that of a hand innervated by blood vessels. Each pulse of happiness starts from a point and it is transmitted as a fluid throughout the body.
The contagion of happiness, US researchers have noted, it is not limited to direct contact but can penetrate up to three degrees of separation.
The friend of the friend of the friend of a happy person, without knowing it, he is in fact even more happy because of her. “Someone who we do not even know and have never met?” Scientist confirm that can affect our mood more than lots of money in our pockets.
It’s amazing how we are connected and how much power we have on people living next to us, even without knowing them. Here there are some links to the scientific articles https://goo.gl/I4XXA6 https://goo.gl/uVzQIu https://goo.gl/eYajJw .

10 good reasons to join

1. Nature walks are good for your brain and health (more here https://goo.gl/TIKqBJ ; https://goo.gl/IWUNjP ; https://goo.gl/1EWZia )

2. Meditation benefits your mind, hear and body (76 scientific benefits of meditation https://goo.gl/2CUHf5 )

3. We experience the power of silence which is very good for your brain (scientific proofs here https://goo.gl/zjg07J )

4. Choir singing ‘boosts your mental health’ (more evidence here https://goo.gl/QHmGif  )

5. High probabilities to be inspired by likeminded people

6. You can inspire others

7. It is free

8. It is fun

9. You contribute to a better society

10. You “infect” the world with happiness

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