2023 – Setting new beginnings

This is your opportunity to boost your 2023!

Learn how to create new empowering habits and effective strategies to achieve your goals by applying proven coaching methods and special visualizations to set your inner compass (your subconscious) into the desired direction!

Every year, millions of people set New Year’s resolutions – and many give up on them within the first week (and only 9% of them successfully keep working on them throughout the year).

Why? There might be several reasons as such as: 

1. It’s your consciousness that needs to change before your behavior can change

2. You set unrealistic or overly ambitious goals can set you up for failure. It’s important to set goals that are challenging but realistic.

3. Lack of planning: Failing to plan out how you will achieve your goals can make it difficult to stay on track.

4. Lack of accountability: It can be helpful to have someone to hold you accountable for your goals. This could be a friend, family member, or coach.

5. Lack of motivation: If you lose sight of why you set your goal in the first place, it can be hard to stay motivated. It can be helpful to remind yourself regularly of the reasons behind your goals.

6. Negative self-talk: Allowing negative thoughts or self-doubt to creep in can undermine your confidence and make it harder to stay motivated.

In this workshop, we will explore effective strategies for setting and achieving your goals, as well as tips and tricks for developing and maintaining new habits.

Participants will have the opportunity to identify and prioritize their personal goals, and create a plan for turning those goals into reality. We will explore the science behind habit formation, and learn how to utilise the power of our habits to achieve our goals. 

In addition will learn how to use meditation and the practice of visualization as tools to focus your mind and create a clear vision for what you want to achieve and attract.

Whether you are looking to make a major life change, or simply want to improve a specific aspect of your life, this workshop will provide you with the tools and skills you need to set and achieve your goals, and create lasting habit changes.

With the guidance and support of an experienced instructor, you will leave this workshop feeling empowered and motivated to take control of your life and create the future you desire.



⏰ WE MEET ON MONDAY 23th OF JANUARY 2023 – AT 18:45PM (TILL 21:30PM)

📍 Youth Hostel Luxembourg City – 2, rue du Fort Olisy – L-2261

💸 Participation fee is €25 to be paid in advance by digicash to +352621611133 or you can find more options here https://www.freeyourlife.me/donations/ 

📒 It’s an interactive workshop, please bring a pen and a notebook or your brand new 2023 Agenda.

✏️ Registration required. Reserve your spot by sending an e-mail to info@freeyourlife.me or please use the form below: