FULL MOON Hike, Talk and Meditate
Lux Stonehenge 

Join us for the Full Moon 🌕 of the 9th of October in Aries ♑!
We will hike around the Luxembourgish Stonehenge in the forests of Lorentzweiler, connect with other like-minded Souls, explore the full moon in Aries and the BEACON of healing + vulnerability that it radiates out and, do a specific ceremony and meditation for symbolically burning away anything that is NOT you and to allow your authenticity to shine.

– 11:00 Meet-up at 📍Neolithikum in Lorentzweiler
– Presentation of the event and circle introduction
– Walk and Hike and Connect
– Guided FULL MOON Meditation and Ceremony
– Conscious Lunch immersed in the beauty of Nature
– Circle sharing, chanting, dancing and group creative activities
– and more!

– It’s a trail with a maximum length of about 6km for people in good health conditions
– Bring a little paper and a pen
– Wear proper hiking clothes and shoes
– Event will happen also in case of rain, unless there are severe conditions
– Bring water, food, and something to sit on the ground
– CAR SHARING join the car sharing Telegram group if you want to give or take a ride  
– Program may slightly vary according to weather conditions, mood and hunger
– Bring your sunny mood
– The event is at your own risk.
– No registration needed, just come over on time please
SUPPORT SPIRITUAL NETWORK: I rely entirely on voluntary donations to carry out all the initiatives. There’s no charge for this event but donations are sincerely appreciated! You can do it online (here) or by cash at the event 🙏🏻 if you don’t know how much to donate, give whatever you can, whether it’s €10 or €5000, it’s the love that you put in giving that is more important!

We all look forward to meeting you there and feel free to contact me for further information (write to info@freeyourlife.me)