🌞🌻 Let’s meet on Monday 13th June at the Kyosk starting from 18:30🌞🌻, let’s raise the vibrations together by spending some joyful time with other beautiful Souls like you! 🎉🎉🎉

June it’s that month of the year when the Sun is at Its peak! In Astrology, this period is associated to Gemini ♊️ , sign notoriously known for its being friendly, extroverted, playful, energetic etc..

Indeed the solar vibrations are inviting all Nature💐 (humans included😉) to go out, to connect, to be joyful, so let’s get together and follow this flow of Energy!

To make the meeting more joyful and the networking easier (also for the less extroverted), there will be a little surprise for all the spiritual networkers 😃


  • No registration needed, just come over and join the good vibes
  • Up to you whether you want to eat, drink or book a table
  • Event will be postponed in case of adverse weather conditions
  • Kyosk is behind the Coque in CENTRAL PARK, KIRCHBERG