September 18, 2016

WalK, Talk and Meditate

During the WALK AND TALK events, we have the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests, share spiritual light and have great conversations: there are magnificent souls to get to know! We can meditate together on the hidden messages Mother Nature spreads all around, and enjoy the Nature at its best in picturesque backgrounds. These events always take place in natural places to help reconnecting with our Real Self and with Nature.

Now more than ever the world needs spirituality in order to return to a way of life that corresponds to our innermost, to the godly, to the entity within us. 

Spirituality as a way to listen to our inner voice, to a life in dignity, beauty, love, and friendship as a way to harmony.

“The time has passed when human beings were advised to live a solitary life in order to evolve and earn their salvation. We are now entering the era of brotherhood. Human beings must no longer erect barriers among themselves, but must walk together, side by side, to form a universal brotherhood on earth, in which all beings will form one vast family. When this is realised, frontiers will fall, and instead of wasting enormous sums of money protecting themselves from others, all nations will live in abundance and peace. These are the ideas that inspire this group. Our ideal is for all of humanity to advance together, united by this love that the Universe has envisioned for all human beings. Our ideal is to live harmoniously within the collective life, because it is here that all blessings are to be found.” (Loosely based on Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov thought).

During our next Spiritual Network Event, we will meditate together on the hidden messages Mother Nature spreads all around, walk and talk about metaphysical topics, share ideas and meet new friends with similar interests.




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