read testimonials from other people
who have attended one of the “Free Your Life” events
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It is my aim to collect a brief testimonial……..: I met Lorenzo through the series of his Consciousness Revolution classes in Luxembourg. His kind nature, broad knowledge about several subjects and enthusiasm to share this with all of us filled me every time with positive energy and valuable insights about myself and ways to improve my life. He has a genuine interest and gift in empowering other people. I would highly recommend him as a coach. 

-Christina R.

The series of Consciousness Revolution classes by Lorenzo from Free Your Life’s Spiritual Network was an enriching experience which enabled me to be immersed in what really matters in life. As this time on our planet is in dire need of more love, I definitely feel inspired to evolve internally so I can better serve others and contribute to a better world. These classes came at just the right time for me and I look forward sharing in future Spiritual Network classes and events 🙂 Thanks so much Lorenzo for all your hard work, dedication, inspiration and loving energy!

-Marise Hyman

I used to be anxious, stressed and sad. My mental coach taught me to believe in myself and that everything is possible if you really want it.
I strongly recommend my mental coach to everyone.

-Claudia C.

Lorenzo is a very charismatic and positive person. The kind of person that makes you feel good and comfortable when around. I attended a “walk and talk” tour in luxembourg and it was a very beautiful experience. We were a group of 40 people and lorenzo inspired us with his talks and made us create a very good energy among us. It was a very warm sunday morning. After the walk we did some meditation and then we had lunch all together. I hope to repeat the experience very soon!

-Roberta M.

Although I only had a brief meeting with Lorenzo so far, I immediately had a very good impression of him. He was sensitive and professional, he put me at ease. It felt like a dialogue with an old friend, but at the same time I could experience his preparation and skills. I went there with no expectations, but I certainly would like to continue meeting him. Lorenzo is deep soul, and a good coach .

– Giovanni P.

Lorenzo is very knowledgeable, passionate and approachable. He instantly makes you feel at ease which makes it easier to open up. He has given me a new zest for life and I can honestly say the sessions I had worked tremendously. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing any difficulties as she is able to help you realize the root of the problem and give you tools to overcome this.

– Claire M.

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