The Alchemical Journal – spiritual and psychological ideas for the everyday life – Free Your Life

In this video you will practically see how to become Alchemists of your everyday life and how you can make the best use of journaling for your spiritual journey. “Every day you look into a mirror to observe your face and body, because you want to look your best before others. Is it not even[…]

Christmas Secrets Revealed

“During the course of a year the sun passes through four cardinal points, and each of these four periods is marked by a tremendous input and circulation of energies which affect the earth and its inhabitants: plants, animals, human beings, and even other planets. Initiates, who have studied these phenomena thanks to their extremely well[…]

GLOBAL AWAKENING: The Stars and the Future of humanity

As we know, the world is now moving through a crisis of a major transformation leading to a total Renewal when the Spring of Humanity will blossom on Earth. But when will this happen? What will happen and How can we do our part? During this webinar, together with the expert astrosophist Antonella Nobilio we[…]

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