Christmas Secrets Revealed

“During the course of a year the sun passes through four cardinal points, and each of these four periods is marked by a tremendous input and circulation of energies which affect the earth and its inhabitants: plants, animals, human beings, and even other planets. Initiates, who have studied these phenomena thanks to their extremely well developed faculties, tell us that if humans are attentive and receptive to these currents, great transformations can take place within them. This is why Initiates gave a number of methods for humans to receive these currents.”

So, why do we celebrate Christmas in the beginning of winter?
Why do also other religions celebrate on the same period?
How can we connect to this Cosmic celebration?
What’s the esoteric message behind the symbolism of the Nativity Scene?
In this video I try answer to all these questions and invite to search for the answers hidden in the Book of Nature.

Bibliography: Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition – Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Free Your Life #christmas #esoteric #Christ #Aivanhov #spirituality #SolInvictus #Lightalwayswins #Light 

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