What a pearl can teach you…

If you know how to observe nature, you will see that it continuously offers us ways to solve our problems. For example, how does an oyster make a pearl? First of all, a grain of sand falls into its shell, and this grain of sand is a problem, an irritant. ‘Oh’, says the oyster, ‘how can I get rid of this? It is scratching me, it irritates me, what can I do?’ It begins to think, it concentrates, it meditates! And one day it begins to secrete a special substance that envelops this irritating grain of sand in such a way that it becomes smooth, velvety and polished. And when it has succeeded, it is happy and says to itself: ‘I have overcome a difficulty, I have transformed it!’ This is the lesson of the pearl oyster: it teaches you that by means of thought you can envelop your worries and frustrations in a luminous, iridescent substance, and in doing so you amass extraordinary riches within you. True spiritualists are those who know how to work on their problems and turn them into precious pearls.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov



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