Great Minds Night – 15 October 2016

Usually society, via all kind of media, keeps putting the focus on the problems.
If you turn on a TV or read a newspaper, you hear only of bad news, wars, murderers, disasters, scams, epidemics and other nice things…  

And if we start focussing on solutions rather than problems?

What would happen if we start to actively thinking together about ways to improve ourselves, and then maybe our circle of friends and family, then our communities, our region, our nation, our neighbour countries, our continent, our world?

Ok, you are right, I went too far 🙂 but it’s true that every long journey always starts with a little step and that all the great changes always began thanks to a bunch of people who were crazy enough to believe in their ideas.

Let’s do this game, I am 95% confident that you never did it before! Try to spend some minutes to imagine how should be a perfect world. For example, you can ask yourself:

  • What kind of people there are?
  • How would be the education?
  • And the relations between humans, countries, governments?
  • What kind of food we would eat? How would we nurse ourselves?
  • Our relationship with the environment?
  • What kind of economy?
  • Which political form?

During next event we can have fun together daydreaming about all this.

According to your passions and areas of expertise, at the event you will pick a sticker to put on your shirt with the topic that more matches with you and chat to other people with similar interests:

  1. New POLITICS (new organisation of the governments, new voting systems, etc.)
  2. New RELIGION, spirituality
  3. New SOCIETY (new marketing, media, communication, human relationships, entertainment, fashion, trends, ecology)
  4. New MEDICINE (new eating, new healing arts, etc.)
  5. New EDUCATION, new educational systems and mental science (self-development, psychology)
  6. New ECONOMY
  7. New ART and SCIENCE

What will happen?

  • You will meet other cool friends with similar interests
  • You will find new inspirations and have fun
  • Probably you will come up with very good ideas

Moreover you will contribute to create a positive “Egregore”, what is that?

When a certain number of people come together around an idea, their thoughts and desires alone create a living reality. And even if this reality is not made up of particles that are sufficiently material to be seen or touched, it exists, and we call this collective entity an egregor. An egregor is a living and active entity, and each country, each religion, and each philosophical movement has one. When people gather together with the same ideal of peace and light, never stop nourishing and strengthening it. Not only can it then have a positive influence on other egregors in the world but, most of all, it contributes to the evolution of those who have worked to create it.

After networking, drinking and eating there will be a LIVE MUSIC performance of the very talented ANDREA FORNARI!
Check out his page www.facebook.com/andreafornarimusic – www.youtube.com/user/AndreaFornariMusic

See you there!

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2 thoughts on “Great Minds Night – 15 October 2016

  • Hi, I stumble upon your website and have a question regarding the great minds event. Is it just to show up or do you need a registration or something similar? Does it cost anything?

    • Hi Sami, unfortunately the club’s owner changed his mind at the last moment, so the date of the 15th October has been cancelled. Thanks for your interest though, if you like follow the facebook page or the meetup group to be updated with the new events. Lorenzo

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