4 things you can learn from the Law of Resonance

In the previous post Being, doing and Having” we have seen how our way of being affects what we do and consequently what we achieve, in other words what kind of person we have to BE in order to DO so that we can HAVE. Let’s now explore the deepest causes of this “alchemical” process.

Scientific laws such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy can explain many aspects of our lives. For this particular case I would take in consideration the “Law of resonance” .

In 1665 the Dutch mathematician and physicist Christian Huygens, discovered that, by placing alongside and on the same wall two pendulums, they tended to tune their swing movement, as if “they wanted to take the same rate”. From his studies comes the phenomenon we now call ‘resonance’. In the case of the two pendulums, it is said that one echoes the other to its own frequency. Similarly and for the same reason, if you strike a tuning fork, which produces waves at a fixed frequency of 440 Hz, and place near a second tuning fork ‘silent’, after a short interval the latter also begins to vibrate. You can repeat this experiment at home if you have 2 or more musical instruments and play a note on one of them, you’ll hear the other instruments playing the same tonality! As you can also see from the experiment in the video below, only the elements with the same lenght will be affected by the resonance.

So, what a pendulum or a tuning fork have to do with us? Everything in the Universe moves and vibrates. Also the most solid steel is made of atoms with protons, electrons and neutrons that vibrate at a certain frequency. If you want a proof that we also vibrate, take a sound speaker and put it close to a bowl full of water, the water will vibrate in resonance with the soundwaves. Then consider we are made 60% of water . If you still don’t believe me, you can take an electroencephalography and verify the frequency of your brainwaves 🙂 . Keeping in mind these premises and the law of resonance, we can explain many things…

  1. We can perceive only those aspects of reality for which we have capacity of resonance

    When a tuning fork emits its frequency, some auricular cells begin to vibrate with the same frequency and transmit impulses to the brain that recognizes them, as well as any other “audible” frequency. This does not happen with sounds that have frequencies below or above the level of our auditive resonance (infrasound and ultrasound). The same happens with the sight, the touch, the taste and the smell and, going beyond, this applies not only to the field of purely sensory perception, but for the whole perception of reality. For example, if one reads a book, believes to understand it in depth, although he can only acknowledge what is in harmony with his state of consciousness and experience at the moment. In fact, when we re-read certain books after years, because our awareness grows, we catch details we couldn’t see before and understand it “even better”. In general, we can say that we tend to recognise ideas in “harmony” with our thoughts.


  2. We attract people of the same wavelength

    Like the pendulum, we are “in tune” with people with “sympathetic” thoughts, feelings or physical characteristics (for ex. pheromones). We attract our similar and that is why if I am surrounded by mediocre people or great people, it also depends on who we are. Often we erroneously think that we can improve our life by changing partners, friends, colleagues and so on, but irremediably, if we don’t change our way of being, we find ourselves in the same situation.


  3. We attract events in resonance with our being

    For the same reasons I wrote above, if I am surrounded by good things or bad, mostly depends on whether I am good or bad, and so on. If we focus principally on abundance, solutions and positive outcomes then that is exactly what we will attract back into our lives. Unfortunately, the converse is also true 🙁


  4. Our outer world reflects our inner world

    As we see outside what we have inside, if our outer reality is unhappy, disappointing or chaotic it is a direct result of what is happening inside us. If we have low self-esteem, feel badly about ourselves or constantly feel anger, hatred or loathing, then our outer world could be hell. The surrounding world acts like a mirror in which we always and only see ourselves. We use to fight against the enemies of the outside world, against neighbours or relatives, against the injustices of our superiors, against society and more. In reality, we only fight against ourselves but who, in fact, may win a battle against a mirror? Instead, we should using this “mirror” to find out parts of ourselves that, without its help, we would never see. We could learn a lot about ourselves if we consider that every time we see something in others that irritates us, it means that most probably we have a similar defect! He who changes his inner world, will find himself living in a new way, and will see the world in a different way.

These 4 points are just a little hint of how the law of resonance can help to better understand our lives…

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